Saturday, September 27, 2014


Towards the end of last year 2013, my friend and I ventured into forex trading. We attended a free seminar provided by Admiral Markets in Makati. We used MetaTrader 4 as the software for executing forex trades. Initially we used as demo account. I wasn't really earning any money from the demo accounts. In fact, I must have blown at least 3 demo accounts. When I say blown, it means that I lost all of the money in the demo accounts due to wrong trades. Even though, I couldn't make money through the demo accounts, I decided to go for the real account. So I opened a real account in Admiral Markets. I deposited 100 USD into a bank account in BDO. Then Admiral Markets emailed me a code for a card that contained 100 USD. This number code I then inputted into the Admiral Markets website.

It was maybe just a week before I lost 80% of the 100 USD. Then I decided to purchase another 100 USD card, thinking I may recover the original 100 USD. Soon, both 100 USD's were gone and eaten away by the forex monster. The volatility is just too much.

It took me around 3 months to have the courage to open a real account from a demo account. I blew up the real account around February 2014 I think. I then promised myself never to play forex again.

Several months later, I think several changes have occurred in Admiral Markets. Am not sure if their Makati office is still open. Somehow, Admiral Markets I think was taken over by some other Forex trading company. I tried another demo account in MetaTrader. So far, I still can't make money through forex. The volatility is just too much.